Soulless (ft. Danny Muñoz of The Sign Of Four) - Single

by The Affronted

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released January 9, 2015



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The Affronted Scone, Australia

Hunter Valley Metalcore.

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Track Name: Soulless (ft. Danny Muñoz of The Sign Of Four)
Well what exactly did you think,
When this hollow ship started to sink?
Over time, the months came and went,
Carrying lies you never meant.

I've placed all my disgust in you,
For all the shit you put me through.

I remember now why I gave in.
A fight unworthy of loss or win.
You lie and cry and cheat and steal.
And you leave scars that'll never heal.

You stupid bitch, this is not about me.
In the end you are what you'll always be.
A hollow mind, an empty heart.
Your chance is gone, you played your part.

I close my eyes but it's all the fucking same,
I'll sew up my eyelids so I won't have to see your face.
How was I always the one to blame?
I see your shadow, here in the gloom.
An empty soul, in an empty fucking room.
Substitution of consequence, extreme reliance on a fucking substance.
You will spend these next few years alone,
I can't believe I used to call your arms my fucking home.

A solemn friend, turned into foe.
A name that you no longer know.
Immaturity blinds your mind.
Lies with the things you've left behind.

Take me back to the day, where I can change the way I thought.
Prevent you from stepping into my life.
As days go by, your memory dies.
My insides curdle at the thought of you.