by The Affronted

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This song is sort of a commentary on the greed and inhumanity of people on the top of the ladder, in a way. The way some will look down on, and treat badly, those who are financially or socially 'below' them, and the fact that in the end we all end up in the same place.


I will not bow down.
I won't fucking bow down.

All your money and your fucking power,
It won't save you in your final hours.
Every word, every lie, every single thing you said,
Will come back to haunt you in the fucking end.

Feed you to the fucking vultures,
Where you belong.

You can't run, you can never hide,
'Til you, you tried.
I'll take everything you fucking stand for.

Feed you to the fucking vultures.

Stalking through shadows and shattered windows.
Because there's no one left who believes your lies.
Your selfish nature will soon consume you,
And I hope you rot and die.

You can't run and you can never hide,
Can't stop the curtains even if you try.
You're all alone, no one else to blame,
Give it time, they won't remember your name.

You can't run and you can never hide,
Couldn't stop the curtains closing even if you tried.
You're all alone.


released September 4, 2015
Tracked, Mixed & Mastered by Danny Munoz.
Extra vocals by Danny Munoz.

All music and lyrics written by The Affronted.



all rights reserved


The Affronted Scone, Australia

Hunter Valley Metalcore.

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